Thursday, September 15, 2011

Very Quiet

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Thank you to all of the kind readers who left comments of encouragement as Hubby and I face the ‘empty nest’.  Though I am enjoying not having to dodge many pairs of shoes by the door to the garage and huge piles of stuff in every room Princess visited, I cannot get used to how very quiet it is in our house.

Some of you may be thinking, “I’d love a little peace and quiet around my house.”  So would I.  After all, Hubby is still around and wherever Hubby is, the TV is on…loud…very loud…very, very loud…so loud I can’t think. 

Something about the testosterone in a man’s body requires him to have loud background noise and adding accompanying flickering pictures on the screen has almost risen to the “require” stage.  But I digress…

Now you are probably thinking, “Why on earth is Lisa saying it is very quiet in her house?”  Well, Princess is chatty. 

Princess is witty. 

Princess is dramatic.

Princess is silly

and can often be downright funny (especially when interacting with Hubby). 

Princess likes to talk about fashion and decorating and art. 

Princess loves to share her unique view of the world. 

And, Princess loves to share her day.

I remember Hubby spending several days at home during this past school year because the weather was too bad to work outside (he’s a decorative concrete contractor/manufacturer).  Therefore, he was home when Princess came home from school in the afternoon.  These particular days happened to be prior to mid-terms and with 5 advanced placement classes, Princess was quite stressed.  Actually, Princess was extremely stressed. 

What Hubby did not realize was that as soon as Princess would come in the door, she would start talking in an extremely loud and animated way about her day. 

Imagine a very large balloon with the air being released and how the balloon deflates as the pressure goes down.  That would be Princess after her day of being cooped up at school. 

Hubby was not prepared for the onslaught.  Even worse, Hubby has to “fix it” and Princess didn’t need anything “fixed” she just needed someone to listen and when she was done saying what was pent up inside, she would be fine.  Trying to “fix it” only made the onslaught continue and sometimes would lead to disagreement and tears. 

“Fixing it” must be another testosterone thing. 

He couldn’t wait until I would be the recipient of Princess’ after school greeting.

I, however, did not mind the daily onslaught.  I understood Princess needed someone to just listen and that Princess needed to release all of the pent up energy and unsaid words because she was cooped up at school all day.  Besides, I never, ever had to ask “How was your day?”  And Princess never, ever answered with just the word “fine.”  I was truly blessed.


  1. My oldest moved out in February but I do not have the empty nest yet Three more to go

  2. They all moved out, but some of them came back--more than once! I think I am safe now, however!

  3. Don't get to used to the quiet. It doesn't last long.

  4. Maybe you should tell her to call you every day. I remember college being just as stressful as high school, so she could probably use someone to listen just as much now.

  5. Well, you'll get a reprieve from the quiet if she visits for holidays and summer.

  6. My daughter was vacinated with a victrola needle. She never shuts up.

    It's just me and the hubs and my house is full of screaming tennis players and bleeps every two seconds from those foul shows my hubby seem engrossed in. Thank goodness I have my own space with a door. :)~Ames

  7. I despise empty nesting. I'm on my second round of it and I really, really do not like anything about it.

    My husband and I both say it is too quiet, and too calm and just too boring without the mess and chaos of little kidsin the house.

    I feel for you!

    Sending you a big hug along with your A+ this week.

    Thank you for linking.