Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mmm Mmm Refreshment!

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Like most of the United States, here in Tennessee we are experiencing much higher than average heat and humidity.  Yesterday's heat index was 105 degrees Farenheit.  When I lived in Arizona, it would regularly get to over 105 degrees, but it feels so very different than this hot, muggy, summer air.

I'm so very spoiled today.  I enjoy air conditioning at work, air conditioning in my car, and air conditioning at home.  When I was growing up, we had open windows, fans, and sometimes a room with a very noisy window air conditioner. 
My little brother and I spent a lot of time outside in the shade where we were more likely to find a cool breeze and (if it was on or we could talk Mom into turning it on) we would run through the water sprinkler in the yard.

But my favorite way to cool off was when Dad would bring home a nice, cold watermelon.  He would cut it outside and give us each a big wedge with lots of black seeds (which would often lead to a seed spitting fight between my brother and I).

Juicy.  Yummy.  Mmm.


  1. How cute is that! Hope your weather cools down for you!

  2. watermelon is of the best in summer,
    stay cool,
    Happy Summer to you.

  3. Well, I still live in Arizona, and it is as hot as it ever was! In fact, it's even hotter.

    I lived in Tennessee for quite a few years, and I know that the humidity can suck the life right out of you. To be honest, I don't know which is worse--Arizona or Tennessee!

  4. It HOT in southeast Georgia too, but we ain't complaining,fall will be here for me know it,time sure is flying.
    Love the photo.
    And nutt'n says summer like a cold slice of watermelon.

  5. Oh what fun memories. I still live in a house with open windows, fans, and a noisy air conditioner. Hahahaha

  6. I don't do watermelon (you don't want to know why), but I can certainly relate to hours of (cool) fun running through the lawn sprinkler. Enjoyed your post.

  7. I also remember eating watermelons on hot days. its especially nice when they have been in the fridge a while.

    thanks for sharing such a lovely memory.

  8. 105 is HOT! Watermelons and summertime go well together. Darling photo.

  9. We're not too far from Tenn and scortched, too. How could folks survive without A/C?

  10. When I lived in FL, I bought a home in an older area of Ft. Lauderdale that did not have a/c. I immediately had a unit installed, but often wondered how people lived in that home for 50 years without it!

    Cute photo...

  11. It is so hot here right now! My guys inhale watermelon. I can't cut it fast enough.

  12. I hope the weather cool off for you soon! And watermelon is my favorite fruit for the summer.

    BTW-Happy belated anniversary to your parents, it is rare nowadays to see a lasting marriage!

  13. That photo is so cute!

    I'm afraid I've become too much of a civilized city boy who can't live without the comforts of A/C (lol).

    Watermelon is nice, but those seeds are too much work. Someone once gave me alcohol watermelon...they cut a small hole & poured in vodka then let it sit overnight...nearly blew my head off it was so strong!

    Anyway, I digress...lovely memories...hope you keep cool.

    Thanks for visiting & commenting at my blog.

  14. Girl, I have one in my fridge right at this moment.
    I know, I am about to melt! here in Chattanooga it is sooooo hot! I have been making a pitcher of tea in the morning and it's empty by the end of the day and I am the only sipping on it! I make sweet tea, of course, with lemonade concentrate and fresh mint! I remember when we were little, played outside all day and cried when we had to come in. We did have a.c. but used to go visit me aunt in Mississippi and they just had big windows and ceiling fans. Stay cool, it's only July!

  15. Lisa, that is an adorable picture! This was a marvelously refreshing post!

    Thanks for the smile.