Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

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51 years ago this past Sunday (June 5th), these two crazy kids promised to:

Love...they still look at each other the same way.

Honor...they always show respect for each other.

Obey...actually, they work together more like a team, but when Dad makes the final decision, Mom goes along for the ride.

For Richer...they are still waiting for it to happen as far a money goes, but when it comes to the important things of this life, they are two of the richest people on earth.

For Poorer...the most frequent state as far as money is concerned.

In Sickness and Health....they are blessed to have enjoyed more health than sickness.

'Til death do us part...I'm praying this doesn't happen for a very, very long time.

And I am so glad they did!  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!


  1. What a wonderful post! In the last photo they do indeed look HAPPY!

  2. Happy Anniversary~ wishing them many more years of happiness! Love their photos!

  3. What a nice post! Happy Anny to your parents:@)

  4. Sweet! A very happy anniversary to your parents!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! I love this post! Yall are such an amazing couple, and I wish Happiness and Health for many more years.
    Great H...sure made me Happy!
    I'm your newest follower,come follow back if you can.
    Come check out my H ero!

  6. That's such a sweet post. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for your visit and kind comments today. You made my day.

  7. What a great post. I loved seeing the old pictures. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

  8. What a beautiful couple. Happy Anniversary to your mum and dad!

  9. What a lovely tribute to your parents!!!! And they look GREAT! What an inspiration to all of us!!

  10. Aww, what a wonderful tribute to your parents and their love for each other:) Happy Anniversary to them!

  11. I love how you tied the vows into wonderful picture! What a wonderful tribute.

  12. cute are they?

    Lovely tribute, great post..

    sniff..I think I'm going to cry!!

  13. You just did your parents proud!

    Happy anniversary to them.


  14. What a great looking couple! Happy Anniversary!

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your parents. Happy Anniversary to them.

  16. Happy Anniversary! Your parents are incredible! I wish I had my folks here. So sweet! You need to link up to Stephanie's Bridal Party tomorrow. She is at I say this because this is such a beautiful post and you need to share it out here. God Bless Your beautiful folks! Anne

  17. What a beautiful tribute to two lovely people. You can see the love between them all through this series of photos.

    How touching.

    Please tell them congratulations for me!

    Thank you for linking this wonderful testimony of love.