Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The New Vacuum

I want to update everyone on the vacuum cleaner situation.  If you missed the drama of the demise of our previous vacuum check the post "It Just Quit" from February.

I ended the post with a picture of my dream vacuum.

Isn't it beautiful?

So, while Hubby was out of town, Princess and I went to the special, exclusive, club for Wally World shoppers (aka Sam's Club) to find our dream vacuum.

When we arrived there was only one Dyson...and it didn't have that wonderful ball turning thingy.  What it did have, however, was a price tag above $400.  Yikes!!!

If that is the price for us special, exclusive, club shoppers, what does it cost the non-special, non-exclusive, club shoppers?

Princess and I took a big gulp and said in unison "They've got to be kidding!"

There were 4 other vacuums on display and one other brand uses a cyclonic suction like Dyson's.  It even had the same power of suction and for under $200 we could have it for our very own.

Check out the options on our Bissell Lift-Off MultiCyclonic Pet Vacuum:
  • Two vacuums for the price of one.  A detachable canister makes it easy to clean the stairs and small spaces.
  • Brush roll off/on feature for multi-surfaces.
  • A special small brush for getting pet hair off of upholstery.
  • Two HEPA filters.
  • Bagless technology.
  • 3 year warranty.
So, Princess and I loaded the box in our basket and took our prize home.  Princess was so excited to try it out!  Cleaning the living room (including the chair one of the dogs thinks is his very own) took about 5 minutes.  Princess let out a squeal when she was done because she only had to go over the floor once and it was perfectly clean. 

I can say the floors looked almost as good as when Hubby used his professional carpet cleaning machine to clean them.  Even the stairs looked fabulous.

Hubby and Princess have had only one complaint; it was difficult to clean out the dirt catcher without making a mess.  Since I'm allergic to dust and am not allowed to empty it, I can live with that.

I'm looking forward to less whining the next time I ask Princess or Hubby to vacuum the house...and being closer to my dream of keeping a clean house.

Lisa H.


  1. congrats on your new vacuum cleaner! My boyfriend burnt the turn bar out of ours , so it looks like I have to get it repaired .

  2. Your BLOG is SO CUTE! I have just started a BLOG. I am so new to this, but so far I am really enjoying it.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words about my speaking. I am humbled by them. Do you know Andrea? Is that how we know each other?

    I love you humor and will visit your BLOG often. Keep up the great work!

    Brenda Poarch :)

  3. Wow! I'm so glad you found my blog! I heard you speak at a ladies' day we hosted several years ago. I am thinking it was while we were at Sun Valley in Arizona, but I'm not positive. We have moved often and have worshipped with several congregations in Northern VA, the Tampa Bay area, and the Phoenix area. We are now in lovely Spring Hill TN worshipping with the Southern Hills church of Christ.

    I just loved the way you sprinkled humor all through your lessons, but was still able to teach the meat of the Truth. I still have the cassette tape of your lessons, but I don't have a cassette player to listen to it. ;)

    Thank you for finding my blog. I'm coming by to check yours out!