Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Just Quit

Brought to you by the letter Q.

I went away for a few days and gave Hubby and Princess (my daughter) the task of cleaning the house before I got home.  I came home to an 'almost' clean house.  The house was only partially vacuumed.  Princess gave me the blow-by-blow (along with cell phone pics) of what happened.

Background:  We've had this vacuum since Princess rode in a car seat.  Princess is 17 now.  We just replaced the belt because the vacuum quit at Christmas.  The vacuum is so old we (actually Hubby) had to scour the internet for a replacement. 

Princess (yelling upstairs): "Dad!  The vacuum quit working!"

Hubby (yelling downstairs): "What happened?"

Princess (still yelling): "Some random plastic thing fell off!"

Hubby (while walking downstairs): "What?"

Princess (still yelling because she didn't see Hubby come downstairs): "Some random plastic thing fell off!"

Hubby: "Stop yelling!  Where is it?"

Princess (with a huff): "Under the vacuum."

Hubby: "Why is it under the vacuum."

Princess (meekly): "Because I wanted to hide it."

Hubby: "Why are you hiding it."

Princess: "I was hoping the vacuum would keep working and I didn't want you to notice the random plastic thing."

Hubby: "Didn't you think the random plastic thing would get sucked into the vacuum?"

Princess (with a sly smile): "I was kinda sorta hoping it would."

Hubby: "Put the vacuum up on the cabinet."

Princess (whining): "But, it's too heavy."

Hubby (lifting the vacuum): "OK.  I'll do it."

Hubby: "Hmmm.  Wonder where that little plastic thing came from?  Get the screwdriver!"

Princess: "From where?"

Hubby: "Your Mom's tool kit.  Oh! Wait! I forgot we've taken all of Mom's tools and no one can find them to put them back.  Try the junk drawer."

Princess: "Found one."

Hubby: "Hold down the vacuum."

Princess: "What?"

Hubby: "Hold down the vacuum."

Princess: "Why?"

Hubby (with a raised voice): "Just stop asking questions and help me here."

Princess: "Alright. Alright. You don't have to get so touchy."

Hubby (after using the screwdriver): "I know what the random plastic thing was for."

Princess: "What?"

Hubby: "It held the beater bar to the rest of the vacuum.  I can't fix it."

Princess: "Does that mean it's dead?"

Hubby: "Yep."

Princess: "Mom may like that.  She wants a new vacuum anyway.  You know, it looks peaceful in death.  I think you should give it the last rites like they do on TV."

Hubby mumbles some random latin sounding words and lays the vacuum to rest in the garage.

Looks like I may finally get one of these. 

I think it might last longer before it just quits.

Lisa H.


  1. Such a sad tale of loss. Hope your Princess isn't scarred for life. And hope you get you new vacuum soon!

  2. Great tale! We bought a dyson several months ago. It really does pick up the dirt.

  3. I could just see the whole scene. Your princess and your hubby are so sweet trying to get that house cleaned for you!! :-) I have a blog too. I'm gonna link yours on mine - if you don't care!

  4. Lisa, I am so excited to see that you are blogging. :) I look forward to hearing from your regularly....we must get together soon. I love love love PW, too. :) Your blog may just inspire me to get back to blogging, too. And your Princess is 17???? Where did the time go? Love to your Hubby and Princess....and those weird wonderful dogs of yours, too. The boys were just talking about P the other day. Great dog! Love ya!!!

  5. That is hilarious...could Princess please come help me with the dishes...I want a new dishwasher...

  6. Too funny! I really want one of those Dyson balls too, hopefully mine "Quits" soon :)

  7. Fortunately for me, Rod has always done the vacuuming in our house. Now, however it just sits in the laundry room in a corner. We had to take up all the rugs and dispose of them after Precious peed all over them when she got sick. Now Rod just mops the tile.

  8. it is cool to have some fun among family members.
    members come closer after some discussions.

    lovely Q take.

  9. Welcome to the world of blogging, you will meet the nicest folks and really make friends. I too follow Pioneer Women, JEnny Matlock and several other wonderful ladies that make me smile everyday! Last year I had knee replacement surgery and that nice JEnny asked folks to send me cards while I was getting better and you would not believe the response....from ladies I have never met! Check out my friend Brenda, Ladybug Dreams, she is such a doll! I am a Tennessee girl too and I will follow your blog!

  10. HaHa! Love it! My laptop is quitting and my new camera won't cooperate with the laptop! I quit too! LOL! Great post! Anne

  11. Fingers crossed that you get a new one! Perhaps Princess will want to use it regularly!

  12. Funny one Lisa! I hope you get your new vacuum... and look forward to your review with a dyson;)

  13. Too funny! Sounds like a new vacuum cleaner is long overdue. Enjoy your new Dyson.

  14. This really cracked me up. My husband is the official vacuumer in our house. We have an old dilapidated vaccuum cleaner that he loves. I am forever trying to get him to get a new one but he says, 'no way' and continues taping it together.

    Thanks for a fun and funny stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Q".

    I really enjoyed laughing through this.