Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Envy

I have been pondering starting a blog for over a year.  I never saw myself actually blogging until I found The Pioneer Woman and read the story of her falling in love with Marlboro Man.  I read about her crazy family and said to myself, “I want to write cute, funny, and interesting blogs like The Pioneer Woman!  I want to learn to use a camera to capture interesting things and share them with the world.  I want a husband who looks that good in Wranglers.”

Strike the Wranglers comment.  I’ve had the pleasure of looking at the Hubby in his Wranglers for almost 20 years…and he still looks perfect in them!

Over time, I started perusing other blogs (see my Blog List) and the person who pushed me into the world of blogging was Jenny Matlock and her Alphabe-Thursday meme.  So for my second ever blog, I’m participating in today’s lesson – the letter “P”.

If you are reading this, it means I’ve figured out what a ‘linky’ is and how to use it properly.  Mrs. Matlock’s meme is the perfect prompt for pontificating what is on my mind.

If you are not reading this…I guess it doesn’t matter.  Is a blogger pontificating on the World Wide Web if no one is reading the blog? Hmmmm.

Maybe one day, I’ll have people following my blog because I write interesting, cute, funny and insightful posts. 

I know it is wrong to envy (see below),
          but I really,
                                    REALLY want to be like P-Dub!

Lisa H.

“Then I saw that all toil and all skill in work come from a man's envy of his neighbor. This also is vanity and a striving after wind.”  Ecclesiastes 4:4 (ESV)


  1. Welcome to our little party.

    You have a way with words and I'm sure you'll have lots and lots of readers soon (starting with me, well I guess I'm number 2, looks like Happier Than a Pig in Mud got here first!!!

    Happy Alphabet Thursday!

  2. Great post!
    I too am a 'Pioneer Woman' reader, and Miss Jenny's blog is such a treat.
    Glad you are here.

  3. does P-Dub have a cool header and blog like you? :)

  4. Perfect 2nd Post. Pleased you pushed ahead with your plan for blogging!

  5. Hahaha! I started my blog a year ago, and it took forever for anyone to actually read one of my posts! Believe me, I know how you feel! Your post was funny and clever, and I know you will have a nice following before long. I'll be back!!!

  6. That Matlock has pushed many of us over the edge, hasn't she? Great little post!!!

  7. I am so glad you started your blog. You have such fun writing style. I am now following.

  8. Well done Lisa! ImPressive Post and Blog!

  9. Well for your second post ever, it sure is pretty cute! PW and JM are two of my favorites... you're going to have fun with this! :)

  10. I love P-Dub AND Jenny. Good examples for blogging!

    It takes time, but just stay with it. You'll make friends and have fun, too.


  11. Lisa, welcome to the world of blogging! Jenny's meme was really my own induction into the blogisphere, as well. I was so worried about the linky, and getting it right, but it all worked out :) Well, actually sometimes I still screw up my links and have to send Jenny an email asking her to help me fix it. I will enjoy getting to know you as we continue to work our way through the alphabet!

  12. welcome to the crazy blogosphere! Hope you have a great time, you had a great P post!

  13. Welcome to the world of blogging! Once you start, you'll be hooked :) I'm the total opposite of you. I didn't discover both Pioneer Women and Jenny till after several years of blogging :)

  14. Hooray! I just want to say, don't be like P-dub or anybody else...just be you! Then your blog will be the best it can be.

    We each have our own life and way of offering it up to the blogosphere.

    Just stay true to you and you'll be just fine!

    This was a perfect little link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'P'!



  15. You're on your way, I say! Welcome to the world of blogging. It can get addicting at times. Nothing else gets done. hehe.

  16. Who knew Jenny was a pusher??? :)
    Welcome to blogging. I have to warn you can be addicting!!!