Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything Changes

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Me: "Princess.  Wednesday is your last day of High School!  Are you excited?"

Princess: "Ummm.  Not really."

The next day...
Hubby:  "You're getting ready to graduate from High School!  Are you excited?"

Princess:  "Ummm. Not really."

Several church friends:  "Hey! You're graduating from High School!  Are you excited?"

Princess:  "Ummm. Not really."

Me (via text message): "happy last day of high school!  i'm proud of you!  love ya bunches & bunches!!!"

Princess (via text reply): "Aww love you too.  I am skipping 8th to spend my last few moments with my best friends." --- I guess that doesn't count against you on the last day.

Last Night...
Me: "Princess.  Today was your last day of High School!  Are you excited?"

Princess:  "Ummm.  Not really."

What is wrong with my daughter?  Everything is changing for her and she's so nonchalant about it all.  I think I was jumping up and down when I graduated (Mom - tell me if I'm wrong).

I'm not nonchalant about it at all.  I still keep seeing the pre-school, kindergarden graduation, and all of those 'first day of school' moments through the years. 

They don't say little forever. 

They continually grow...

and exasperate...

and make you proud...

and make you cry...

and make you laugh. 

I can't believe time has flown by so fast.  In a couple of months we will be driving Princess to college and helping her move into her dorm room.  Everything will change for her and everything will change for us.

I'm not sure I'm ready.  I just know I can't stop it.

Congratulations Princess!!!


  1. Awwwww! We will miss seeing you, Faith! Congratulations!

    Mrs Lisa - I may not be able to talk to you for a couple of weeks around August. I am all crazy about my Hannah going to Kindergarten I can't even comprehend the college good-bye yet. If I talk to you about it I may be a blubbering mess. :-)

  2. Such a thought-provoking ‘E’ post.

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday!


    Btw Alphabe-Thursday

  3. She's such a pretty girl! Love her senior pic, so classic...

    Empty nests can be pretty quiet for a while, but I am enjoying more time to read and write and reflect......

  4. I think with most kids automatically moving on to college these days, High School graduation becomes just another transition, like going from Elementary to Middle School.

    PS. Lovely pics!

  5. Congratulations, she is lovely :) .

  6. Her senior pic is gorgeous! I was super-psyched about my own graduation, but I also remember being pretty sad about leaving everyone. I'm sure she'll come around.

  7. A wonderful senior photo. She's lovely!! Check out my post for some graduation music!!

  8. Congratulations!!

    Your german son and brother!

  9. She is beautiful. And I think no matter what she says, she will recall your excitement of this momentuous event in the years ahead...she just has to be cool right now and can't show it!

    Time goes by so quickly. She is lovely and you should be sooo proud.

    Hugs and A+'s coming your way.