Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zuckerman's Famous Pig

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This lovely book is one of my favorites from childhood. 

I like this version the best because Garth Williams created the illustrations.  He also illustrated my childhood copies of the 'Little House' books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

To celebrate the letter Z, here are the lyrics of the song Zuckerman's Famous Pig from the animated movie. 

He's…some pig…some pig
Some terrific, radiant, humble pig
He is some pig
Oh wow look at him now
Zuckerman's famous pig
Sooey, what do you see
The greatest hog in history
Fine swine wish he was mine
What if he's not so big
He's some terrific, radiant, humble
Thingamajig of a fine phenomenon

My land isn't it grand
Zuckerman's famous pig
Golly, you got to agree
He's a real celebrity

Fine swine, wish he was mine
What if he's not so big?
He's some terrific radiant, humble
Thingamajig pig
The terrific….radiant…humble...humble
Zuckerman's! Zuckerman's! Zuckerman's! Zuckerman's! Zuckerman's!
Zuckerman's famous pig


  1. We have the same book along with the Laura Wilder's set. Both wonderful books and great pictures!

  2. I love that book and Zuckerman's pig is really cute...

  3. Never heard this song, very cute !

  4. Stopping by from Alphabe-Thursday. Love Charlotte's Web.

  5. I love Garth Williams' art! And of course I adore Charlotte's Web.

  6. G Willliams art is fantastic and Charlotte's Web a classic. Thanks for the reminder of Zuckermans part in the story!

  7. Love this post! My daughter played Charlotte in a children's theatre production and it was a wonderful play!
    Thanks for posting and have an awesome Z day!

  8. Now I have to go and see this movie! Charlotte's Web has been, and will remain, my favorite, all-time book. I think it's because it was the first "real" book that I remember my mom and I reading together at bedtime. {:-Deb

  9. One of my all time very favorite books that I read over and over as a child. (that along with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  10. I'm a member of the Society for Children's Writers and Illustrators. I always love meeting the illustrators. They are such nice and humble people. Thanks for your post.

  11. Always loved that book. It was so awesome when my daughter read and loved it as much as I did... :)

  12. Loved this post! Always wished my kids would too, but it seems Diary of Wimpy Kid is the Charlotte of this generation.

  13. This is very similar to my post today about favorite books. I forgot E.B. White, how could I be so thoughtless! New follower from Alphabe-Thursday. Come on over for a visit!

  14. I just read that book! I love the part when Charlotte keeps sending Templeton for more words. I also love the Little House books and read them constantly!


  15. That is such a great story. I have to say that now I can never spell "terrific" properly without spellchecker!

  16. such a great book! and I totally agree about Garth Williams' illustrations! (here and in LIW books) They are so captivating, so perfect!

  17. I love this book! What a clever, clever idea for a post!

    This was such a sweet stop.

    It brought back so many memories of reading this book to my children. I need to get it out and read it to Mo!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful participant in Alphabe-Thursday! You are such a joy!


  18. I've always loved this story, too. So much fun to look back on it!